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Birth and History of a Success  in the production of natural caffeine

Foto del Cavalier G. TestaPortrait of Cav. G. Testa

Photo of our old factoryPhoto of the old factory

stab2Leca’s factory

Testa's new factoryTesta’s new factory

Stabilimento Farmaceutico Cav. G. Testa started in 1885 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, producing remedies on a small industrial basis.

The traditional pharmaceutical items have been gradually abandoned in the 40’s, and, since 1950 the company has developed active principles: natural caffeine, theobromine, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

In 1994 all the producing facilities were moved from Albenga to the factory located in Leca.
In the last six decades, from 1960 on, Testa became one of the biggest producer of natural caffeine  anhydrous extracted from raw materials of different forms and concentrations coming  as a byproduct of the decaffeination of coffee and tea.

Testa has finally restructured its activity concentrating on the production and sales of pure Natural Caffeine Anhydrous, Tekaf ® from tea, the Green Line with Green Caffeine ® from coffee and Tekaf ® Green from tea,  Green Coffee and Green Tea Extracts as well as Theobromine .

In 2012 Testa moved to the actual factory, located near the highway exit and the new planned Albenga railway node:  this will allow easy movement of goods to and from the new plant.

The area has an extension of 11.200 m2, 2500 m2 of which are covered by the new plant.
Additional enlargement of 2000 m2  is forecasted in the future.

Today the company employs more than 30 people, exports more than 90% of its total output and counts within its customers a number of well known multinationals.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 and BRC certified and its production is in accordance with HACCP. All the products are Kosher certified.



Stabilimento Farmaceutico Testa’s Mission and Vision

Stabilimento Farmaceutico Cav. G. Testa would like to become the partner of choice for Natural Caffeine Anhydrous Customers in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Offering the right solution to the Customers’ needs
Assuring a continuous improvement of the processes
Strengthening the existing long term relationships with Customers and Suppliers